Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is actually one of my favorite cakes that I've ever made.  I love how simply sophisticated it is.  I love the choice of brown and green against the white fonant.  But my favorite part about this cake actually happened by accident.  When the bride brought me the ribbon to go around the bottom of the tiers they didn't have quite enough and they didn't think that they could get any more.  So, to improvise I used a ribbon color that was similar to the brown, unfortunately all I could find was a thin 5/8" width.  I covered the back 4-5" gap on the back with layers of the thin ribbon, I then tied bows that cascaded down the back of the cake.  I loved the result!  But me being me, I forgot to get a picture of the bows.  So you'll just have to picture it in your head.

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